The recent Open Space Assessment carried out by Breckland Council stated that Attleborough currently has a deficit of play areas and the value of the existing Toddler, Junior and Teenage play area provision is all below average.

The assessment also identified that Attleborough is currently under-provided for children’s play area by 6.17 hectares (15 acres).

To help rectify this, the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan (ANP) is suggesting;

  • The refurbishment of existing play areas.
  • The provision of a play hub at the recreation ground (possibly including indoor play).
  • The provision of outdoor natural play areas within the suggested Linear Park (Kids-Health-Nature).

The Assessment has also identified that Attleborough is severely short of general open space.

The ANP is putting forward to developers and statutory authorities the creation of a Linear Park. This would create a green corridor linking the new development south of the railway line to the existing town. This is hoped to provide connected routes between places for wildlife, recreation, walking and cycling. It would make for safer routes to schools and create an attractive outdoor environment in which to live, work, exercise and play. It would also have the ability to act as a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) for the new development south of the railway line.

Attleborough is severely short of cemetery land. It has 6 years of space left at the current rate of usage. The Town Council has put a call out for land to protect future needs and may look to acquire a site in the region of 25 acres. This would provide cemetery space for approximately the next 100 years.

Attleborough is also short of allotments. The ANP is looking at ways of addressing this.