5.1 Introduction

5.1.1 This part of the Neighbourhood Plan will not be examined and will not, therefore, be part of the planning framework of policy used alongside the emerging Breckland Local Plan to judge applications. It is a work in progress, and communities and organisations are invited to put forward projects for consideration. During the consultations a number of individual projects have been suggested, and whilst some can take place anyway, many rely on the ANP policies to secure contributions as the town

5.2 Indicative projects to date

5.2.1 The emerging projects include options for many of these projects, for example on sports and community facilities, play and leisure, health and social care and for shorter-term ideas such as the market stall relocation. The following is a short list of emerging projects:

Ideas from school children

  • Something ‘unique’ in the town high street or throughout the town that people will want to come and see and thus bring in tourists/shoppers/customers for businesses
  • Christmas lights
  • Event related to the heritage of the town e.g. an annual half marathon called the “Turkey Run”
  • A silhouette freeze painted at low level across all the shops in the high street of the turkey drove when turkeys were walked to London from the market
  • A sculpture trail

Young people’s ideas

  • Scout Hut refurbishment or replacement in the same location
  • Free town wide, wireless broadband (WiFi) linked to the CCTV
  • Facilities to give teenagers somewhere to meet and something to do in the evenings (apart from homework of course!)
  • Plant ‘Attleborough Wood’ for future recreational use on land behind the school

Villagers outside Attleborough’s ideas

  • Create a calendar of Town Centre events to attract residents of the town and the surrounding villages and compete with nearby towns such as Wymondham and Diss.

5.2.2 List of projects

  • Community halls – work being progressed by Connaught Hall
  • Primary school relocation – construction underway
  • Phase 1 Attleborough Academy masterplan approved to RIBA stage 1
  • Indoor Sports Hub – Attleborough Academy investigating an option
  • Outdoor Sports hub – proposal to add land as an extension to Gaymer’s Field in the Attleborough Land planning application
  • Health facility –the GP surgery progressing relocation onto Station Road site
  • New cemetery – site options under scrutiny
  • Linear park – discussions underway
  • Dual registered care accommodation – discussion on a possible site underway
  • Primary care facilities – NHS looking at the potential to work closely with the GP surgery at Station Road
  • Queen’s Square and car park site with new library/Town Hall/Civic Centre/Archive Centre – workshop to discuss requirements held with landowners and library service
  • A strategy for events to promote Attleborough as a retail attraction – bid made to Market Towns Initiative run by BC
  • New activities and events in the town centre, such as the Bike Fest in August 2015
  • Purchase and management by ATC of Decoy Common – close liaison with Norfolk

Wildlife Trust

  • Play facilities consultants recommendations expected Spring 2017
  • Experiment to relocate Market stalls successful, seeking to make permanent

5.2.3 The management and enhancement of habitats will be supported by a combination of landowner actions, developer funding, fund-raising and voluntary activity, including a collaborative walk across the possible Linear Park routes. The key to the delivery of Attleborough biodiversity aspirations will rest on influencing the way land is managed and used and through control of land and buildings. Landowners in the ANP area outside the urban settlement are already participating in Environmental Stewardship schemes and this may be extended over the plan period to ensure more joined-up thinking about habitat corridors and water management across the urban and rural parts of the ANP area. A map showing the location around the town of higher-level stewardship schemes and the key environments with a woodland grant, is available on request at the Town Hall.

5.3 The Primary School Programme

6.3.1 During the ANP process this programme has gone from early debate to projects with allocated funds. The NCC website reports approval to: land acquisition 1.7 m, phased build new primary school 11.24 m, enlarged school 2.5 m. Developers will be expected to contribute, see Para 10 of https://norfolk.citizenspace.com/childrens-services/attleborough-

5.4 Health & Social Care programme

5.4.1 The creation of a single site GP Surgery on Station Road is progressing. The estimated population to be served is rising. The registered population of the Practice has risen from the 17,400 detailed in the evidence document and as at July 2016 was 17,750. For 2036 there is estimated to potentially be up to 30,000 patients from Attleborough and the surrounding villages the practice serves. (4,000 + dwellings under construction or approved in Attleborough times 2.3 people per dwelling, giving at least 9,200, plus 17,750, which includes the existing 6,000 patients from the villages).

5.4.2 The NHS clinic next to the site would potentially join into the project so there is a consolidation of services in one place.

5.4.3 The dual registered high dependency unit for some 65 beds to accommodate early release from hospital and admission avoidance is being progressed with discussions with NCC to find a suitable site.

The unit would contain:

Step up, step down beds (for episodes of intermediate time limited care step up beds (admitted from home for assessment and rehabilitation as an alternative to acute hospital admission) or as step down beds (transfer from acute hospital for further period of assessment and rehabilitation)

Dementia care

End of life care

Possible second GP surgery – having this as an option this was a question raised at consultation, so the housing is close to medical staff.