Supporting Attleborough Town Centre

The retail sector is a key area of employment and earlier consultations have shown that there is a strong desire that a vibrant town centre should be protected and enhanced. Therefore, the following proposals are aimed specifically at supporting Attleborough town centre:

  • Any significant new retail outside the existing town centre or business proposal must demonstrate its reason for location through a sequential test to show none of the town centre existing sites are available or suitable, in order to protect the vitality of the town centre.
  • Redevelop Queens Square car park site for uses that support town centre retail and other community uses, and also seek replacement and additional car parking capacity.
  • Support changes of use for new residential and commercial uses on upper floors, to encourage a diverse range of uses in the town centre.
  • Proposals will be resisted which would result in the loss of existing local shopping facilities within the defined town centre.
  • Expand the retail provision as the town grows
  • Support proposals for a new superstore, providing they demonstrate that its operation does not lead to a significant adverse impact on the town centre, the environment, or on the transport network.
  • Retain the current town centre boundary but continue to look at this as part of the ANP reviews and as the town centre grows.